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15+ reviews
£90+ VAT
  • Great for a short Jingle and message
  • 45 seconds
  • Perfect for a small fun gift
  • Ready in 5 days


15+ reviews
£165+ VAT
  • Short basic song
  • Approx 1min 30secs
  • 2 short verses
  • Repeated chorus
  • Great for all occasions
  • Ready within 7 days



25+ reviews
£270+ VAT
  • Full length song
  • Between 3-4 mins
  • Longer verses
  • Professional song structure
  • Multiple layers
  • Ready within 10 days
  • Streaming add-on included


10+ reviews
£560+ VAT
  • Direct communication with your personal producer
  • Multiple vocal harmonies and layers
  • Additional production time
  • USB Gift set
  • Lyric video (photo slideshow)

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  • High-Quality mixing and mastering service
  • Song streamed online (Spotify, Apple Music etc)
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • Ready in 14 days (before revisions)

Gift of Music Commercial package

At Gift of Music, our Commercial package is meticulously crafted for those seeking to harness the power of personalised music with absolute clarity on ownership. Whether you desire to keep 100% ownership or opt for shared rights, the choice is all yours. Dive deep into collaboration with our acclaimed vocalists and producers, perfect for any project you envisage.

From creating a brand’s jingle, lending a voice to your lyrics, to consulting on music-centric ideas, our Commercial package is more than just personalised songs – it’s a gateway to musical excellence tailored for diverse applications.

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