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Personalised corporate gift

A professional corporate gift idea

Redefining professional appreciation: The ultimate corporate gift

In corporate relationships and brand storytelling, stand out with a memorable gesture. Introducing personalised songs as the pinnacle of corporate gifts – a unique blend of sentiment, professionalism, and innovation.

Beyond pens and diaries: a contemporary corporate gift idea

As businesses evolve, so should the gifts they offer. Break away from the predictable and embrace the symphony of custom-made songs. It’s not just music; it’s a melody tailored to your brand’s ethos or the essence of a professional relationship.

Create your song

corporate gift


Personalised songs: crafting brand stories and memories

Every business has its journey, its milestones, and its shared successes. Why not encapsulate those in a song? More than just a corporate gift, it’s an anthem that resonates with your company’s legacy and vision.

A gift that resonates, creating lasting impressions

While traditional gifts might be forgotten or stored away, a personalised song remains in the minds of its listeners. It’s a corporate gift that lingers, reinforcing brand identity or immortalising special corporate events.

Bespoke compositions for every corporate occasion

Whether celebrating a company anniversary, acknowledging a valued shareholder, or launching a new product, our songs are tailored to suit the occasion. Make your mark with a corporate gift that’s both thoughtful and impactful.

Crafting Business Anthems at Gift of Music

At Gift of Music, we merge creativity with corporate narratives. Our compositions aren’t just tunes; they capture the essence of corporate milestones, brand stories, and professional bonds.

A corporate gift sculpted with precision and passion

Our dedicated team of artists, songwriters, and producers dives into your business stories, moulding them into captivating melodies. Choose a corporate gift that stands apart, echoing innovation and emotion.

personalised corporate gift

Ready to revolutionise corporate gifting?

Step beyond the conventional. Elevate your brand’s voice, celebrate stakeholders, or mark significant events with a unique auditory experience. At Gift of Music, we offer you the chance to make a lasting impression with the ultimate corporate gift. Let’s set your corporate story to music.

Other occasions for a personalised gift

Create that special moment with a gift straight from the heart

Birthday song

It’s an excellent time to send someone a custom-made birthday song gift.

Anniversary song

Anniversaries are a great opportunity to send the gift of personalised songs.

Christmas song

What better Christmas present than a personalised custom song gift?

In loving memory song

Remember a loved one with this custom song that is 100% personal.

Valentine song

Treasure that someone special with this splendidly unique Valentine’s gift.

Wedding song

Help celebrate your wedding day with a distinctive personalised song.