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Personalised wedding gift

A bespoke wedding gift to celebrate matrimony

Amplify nuptial celebrations with a unique wedding gift

Weddings, a harmonious union of two souls, are a symphony of moments, emotions, and promises. Amongst the myriad traditional presents, set your gift apart by offering a wedding gift that will remain etched in their hearts forever.

Beyond bouquets and trinkets: a timeless wedding gift idea

As the couple embarks on a lifelong journey together, give them the gift of music, a soundtrack for their love story. Step away from the usual and delve into personalised songs, where vows, memories, and dreams get their melody.

Create your song

wedding gift


A symphony of love: customised just for them

Every couple has their story, moments of joy, trials, and shared dreams. A personalised song captures these nuances, crafting a narrative that resonates with their unique bond. More than a wedding gift, it’s a musical testament to their journey together.

A gift that lingers, echoing with emotions

While many gifts might find their place in the attic or on a shelf, a personalised song endures, echoing the sentiments of the wedding day. Every note, every lyric becomes a cherished memory, making it the perfect wedding gift that stands the test of time.

Crafted with love for a story of love

Whether it’s a ballad about their first date or an upbeat track about their shared adventures, each song is moulded with love, capturing the essence of their story. It’s a wedding gift that genuinely honours their unique bond.

Harmonising love stories at Gift of Music

At Gift of Music, every love story deserves its anthem. Our personalised songs aren’t just melodies; they are the heartbeats of romantic tales, rendered beautifully in notes and lyrics.

A wedding gift designed with finesse and sentiment

Our ensemble of artists, songwriters, and producers dive deep into the narratives you share, translating them into soulful harmonies. Gift a wedding gift that reverberates with love, trust, and dreams, and all encapsulated in a song.

personalised wedding gift

Ready to redefine wedding gifting?

Transcend the conventional and present a gift that sings of love and commitment. With Gift of Music, transform romantic tales into the most touching wedding gift. Let’s craft melodies that celebrate love, one story at a time.

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